Prayer Requests

At our regularly scheduled worship services, we offer corporate prayers for the needs of people in our congregation and the wider world. See Worshiping for a schedule. Throughout the rest of the week, please keep the people listed below in your individual and family prayers, as well. If you have a prayer request to add or remove from this list, please e-mail Parish Administrator Andrew Suitter. Thank you! Christ's peace be with you.

For those for whom we've been asked to pray: 
Andrew, Emily, Dave, Marilyn, Clara, Marylen, the Mann School, Mary, Joel, Betty, Bernard, Susan, Tony, Joe, Tim, Wren, Jamie, Mark, Kathleen, Dave, Jerry, Brad, Amanda and Alex;

the merging parishes of All Saints, St. Louis, and Ascension, Northwoods;  
and for all those struggling to make a fair living wage.