Support the Peace Meal Project

Want to give a specific, concrete gift to expand ministry at St. John's? A weekly Peace Meal may be sponsored by an individual or a group (in thanksgiving, as a memorial) for $150.00. We have also started an effort to recruit sustaining donors, who give a regular amount of $5, $10, or $20 a month. For example, a tax deductible donation of $10/month pays for four full meals per month, or 48 meals a year. Such gifts keep Peace Meal going.

Thanks especially to Companion Bread for donating our bread for the Peace Meal Project every week! You can also Support the Peace Meal Project through Causes on Facebook - by donating and/or setting up a Campaign for a Birthday or as a Tribute.


You can also support St. John's, Tower Grove, by signing up for Schnucks' Markets' e-Scrip program. Use "St. John's Episcopal" as our name in order for us to receive e-Scrip donations. Thanks!

St. John's Daily Brew 

Throughout the year, you may purchase St. John's Daily Brew Coffee to support the Building Fund (Originally, money went to make the Living Tree Mural Project in the Parish Hall - see picture below). We purchase our St. John's Daily Brew coffee in small batches from Hartford Coffee Company. It costs $10.00 per one pound bag. St. John's Daily Brew is currently available in Regular Ground MoKa Java, Regular Whole Bean MoKa Java, and Decaf Ground Sumatra. You may use cash, check, or PayPal to purchase St. John's Daily Brew. St. John's Daily Brew is available for purchase on Sundays. You may also contact the parish office yo buy coffee at other times or to place a special order.