Weekly E-Blast and Announcements for June 21!

June 21, 2017


Prayer Requests

January 02, 2017

We are a praying community.  
Please send any prayer requests to Andrew Suitter in the Parish office.  
Names are kept on the prayer list for six weeks, and then removed,
unless it is requested that they stay on longer.  

Those for whom we have been asked to pray:

Alex, Amanda, Brad, Harrison, Jennifer, Riley, Timothy, Joe, Tony, Betty, Bernard, Lawrence, Jamie, The Mann School, Marilyn McDougan, Marylen, Wren, Tim, Jerry, Susan, Mary, for all those struggling to make a fair living wage, and for the merging parishes of All Saints & Ascension.

Worship Schedule!

January 01, 2017

Worship Schedule through June 2017

Sunday June 25, 2017

  Presider & Preacher: The Rev. Amy Chambers Cortright
  Deacon: The Rev. Kevin McGrane
  Cross & Chalice: Bryan Cather
  Worship Leader: Julian Long
  Eucharistic Minister: Tiger Reed
  Second Reader: Tony Balsamo
  Usher 1: Adrian Storey
  Usher 2: Aly Storey
  Greeter: Lorie Kintz
  Vestry Counter 1: John MacDonald
  Vestry Counter 2: Nelle Garrecht
  Altar Guild: Travis Hall
  Godly Play: Phyllis Jacobson &
Susan Brower-Toland