Learning is important at St. John's, Tower Grove!

We are convinced that our spiritual growth comes from both learning and prayer. We believe, moreover, that our relationships with each other and our service to the broader community are shaped by learning together and praying together. We have learning opportunities for children and adults.

At St. John's, the learning component of Christian life is referred to as "Formation."

We are formed into individuals by our life experiences, and it is the goal of the church to help that form to be "more like Christ" through education, community, and mutual support. There is no age too young or too old to learn something new or to help others by sharing our own stories.

We have a variety of small groups availible to facilitate being formed in community with others. There are many venues - a book club, a movie night, a parents group, a scripture study group, as well as the more traditional "Sunday School". Let us help you find the right fit for your faith and life journey.