Founded on December 28, 1841, St. John’s Episcopal Church, St. Louis, is the second oldest Episcopal Parish in St. Louis, and the fifth oldest in the State of Missouri. The first rector was the Rev. Whiting Griswold, pictured at right. Since then, we have had 20 more rectors. We have a lot of history behind us and we look forward to a bright future, trusting in God’s abundance and grace.

Founded to serve residents in the southern part of downtown St. Louis, the St. John's congregation moved to the Lafayette Park neighborhood, where the church building was almost destroyed by a tornado in 1896.The congregation then moved to the Tower Grove neighborhood, following the members of the parish as the City of St. Louis expanded south and west. The present building was finished in 1910 (the cornerstone laid in 1907).

St. John’s has been the home of various historic “firsts” in the Episcopal Church. St. John’s was probably the first parish in Missouri to discontinue “pew rentals” (a caste separating process) and the first to have a “vested” boys’ choir. The boys came from the Episcopal Orphan's Home that Mr. Griswold founded. Unfortunately, Mr. Griswold died during the cholera epidemic of 1849 at the age of 34 as he tried to relieve the suffering of others.

The Rev. Teresa Danieley is the 21st rector. Ms. Danieley and Mr. Griswold may not look a lot alike – but they both share a love of God, the Episcopal Church, and the St. John’s community, as well as a commitment to serving the people of the City of St. Louis.

St. John's Rectors

1. Whiting Griswold 1841-1849
2. Francis Clerc 1849-1857
3. William R. Johnson 1857-1858
4. John Coleman 1859-1861
5. William G. Spencer 1861-1868
6. J.P.T. Ingrahm 1868-1879
7. Joseph T. Wright 1880-1883
8. Stephen H. Green 1883-1895
9. Carl N. Moller 1896-1901
10. Percy Silver 1901-1901
11. Annesley T. Young 1901-1902
12. Cozier G. Adams 1902-1905
13. Stephen F. Sherman 1906-1910
14. Arthur Brittain 1910-1918
15. Killian A. Stimpson 1919-1923
16. Leighton H. Nugent 1923-1944
17. Charles Rehkopf 1944-1952
18. J. Maver Feehan 1953-1965
19. Dorman "Bud" Ball 1965-1989
20. George S. Plattenburg 1990-1998

21. Teresa K. M. Danieley

22. Amy Chambers Cortright

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